Real Question for any fans out there...

2016-02-16 10:53:54 by SouthPawStyle

anyone out here on newgrounds actually checking my music out? i wanna post more on here but i feel like im not getting enough impact out of it :(


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2016-02-16 11:05:35

i'll check em.


2016-02-16 11:10:28

well, vary a bit on what kind of songs you make.


2016-02-16 11:09:13

well, what I think you should do is vary a bit on what type of music to put on NG. (techno, trance, dubstep, etc)
that way you can actually get more ppl to see your songs if you want to.


2016-02-16 21:47:44

Posting things and interacting more frequently will draw more attention to you. I honestly did not know you exist because I never see any activity from you.


2016-04-05 09:57:21

I swear you gotta choke someone for a review bro lmfao


2016-11-21 20:45:34

The Hip Hop community on the audio portal here has seemed to die out over the last few years... it's a shame, because there were a lot of dope artists posting music here once upon a time. I don't submit here these days either, but I still check my favourite artists' pages from time to time to see if they've dropped anything new - if you do decide to stop posting new work on NG, just make sure to leave us with links so we can find you haha